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Site 4: Frosty Acres Farm

Site 3: Dresow Family Farm

Site 1: The Berryhill Farm

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The Berryhill Farm, 49885 County 11 Boulevard, Pine Island, MN 55963 | |507-722-1029

At The Berryhill Farm we raise the historic and rare breed of sheep, Leicester Longwools (also known as English Leicesters) developed in the mid 1700's by Robert Bakewell. George Washington mentions the breed in several letters, going so far as to say that he made the "choice of good rams from the English Leicester breed" for his own flock. We chose to help preserve this wonderful breed of sheep for many reasons. Owning a smaller acreage it was not realistic to be profitable with a commercial breed of sheep where vast numbers are generally required. With the Leicester Longwools, a dual purpose breed, we have three areas for potential profit: selling breeding quality animals to other interested farms, selling the fleece (in various forms) and finally selling those animals that don't meet breeding standards for meat. The fleece is prized by hand spinners and fiber artists for its curl, soft handle, luster and ease of dying. The meat has a mild flavor and has been served by several restaurants in the Rochester area over the last 5 years with excellent feedback.

P -  Raw fleece, natural and dyed locks & rovings, yarns & artisan products. 
PD Destiny Meadow Rabbitry’s Angora Rabbits, products & spinning demo.  
D – Shearing Demo Noon, 2 and 4 Sat & Sun. 
D - Tori Tecken, Feathertail Fiber Arts, spinning Sat. 11-3. 
D - Nancy Ellison, Zumbro Fiber Arts Guild/Weavers Guild of MN weaving, spinning & fiber art with long wool curls both days. 

F – Enjoy lamb samples prepared by Chef Jordan Bell, Bleu Duck Kitchen, Rochester

                       Win Leicester Longwool Roving or Yarn! 

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Legend for Farm Activities

P = Products     D =  Demos     F = Food     E = Events

Frosty Acres Farm, 31139 County 7 Boulevard, Welch, MN 55089 | | 507-525-3516

Frosty Acres Farm from Frost Minnesota, raises Hucaya alpaca for fiber and will be at Clear Spring Farm to showcase their beautiful alpacas and products . Several Hucaya alpaca will be on hand to pet, feed and photo. Visitors can purchase alpaca yarn as well as hand made mittens, hats, socks and scarves 

P -- Alpaca yarn, hand-made mittens, hats, socks & scarves. 
D - Jessica Anderson, accomplished knitter and yarn dyer, yarn dying Sat/Sun 1-3 pm. 

                      Win a pair of Jessica’s Extreme Alpaca Socks! 

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Clear Spring Farm, 31139 County 7 Boulevard, Welch, MN 55089 | | 651-212-8099

Clear Spring Farm is the home of several Royal and Trim Tibetan Yak. These beautiful creatures produce an exotic fiber similar to cashmere that is has superior warmth, strength, and is hypoallergenic. Our herd is exceptionally docile, making it a pleasant experience to photograph your experience visiting the yak farm. Make sure to ask about "Jericho ", who has the world's longest yak horns and is  blessed by a Tibetan monk. He resides in the pasture and loves visitors willing to give him a scratch behind the ears. 

P – Yak roving, yak yarn, custom-knit yak yarn socks & mittens, yak meat. 
P – Meet Babydoll Sheep and shop fine products from Prairie Plum Farm.

D –Try beginning needlefelting 11 am-2 pm Sat.with Sue Kahl, Zumbro Fiber Arts Guild. Create a raw yak fiber art from the farm. 
D – See Frosty Acres Alpacas below for on-farm fiber dyeing demos Sat & Sun 1-3 pm.

F – Yak Chili Lunch served $5 per person.
EF–Dinner on the Farm – Chef Britton Good, Bleu Dog Café, creates a gourmet dinner with locally produced food, Alexis Bailly Vineyard & Spiral Brewery. Sat. Activities 4 pm; Dinner follows at 6 pm. Yard games, hay rides, bonfire, live music. Advance tickets from Bleu Dog Café 612-388-7494.   

                     Win a Woven Yak Rug, Yak Meat Sticks, or Needle-felted Ewe & Lamb Set! 

For the safety of the public and our farm animals,
we request that you  leave your pets at home. 

Dresow Family Farm, 10900 Garfield Ave, Lonsdale, MN| | 612-325-3015

Dresow Family Farm is located within the rolling hills of Lonsdale, MN. We have a small flock of Cormo, Cormo cross, CVM x Corriedale and a Merino sheep.  They are in the company of cattle, laying hens, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, a horse & a small herd of free- range children.

We are striving for sustainable farming practices.  We raise our flock on grasses & clover from our pastures and bedding from our neighbor’s fields. We also use field peas and locally milled grains (as needed) from our town’s feed mill.  The sheep also have free choice mineral, Boreal Balance, a Minnesota product.  We rotationally graze our flock, frost seed, compost our manure to return it to the fields, fertilize as little as possible, have restored our wetlands and use natural dyes. The majority of my dye colors come from plants, trees, and flowers on the farm; others are considered natural because they are derived from insects.

The Cormo breed was brought to the US via Australia. They are an intentional cross of Superfine Merino and Corriedale. The micron count for the breed is 18-23, which places them in the super fine to fine category. The fleeces that I had tested range between 17 and 23 microns.  The sheep are also an excellent meat breed.

When the sheep are shorn each spring, I bring the fleeces to local mills. I love being able to keep my process in MN and local. No chemicals are used to dissolve VM, so there are bits in the yarn. Each skein is rinsed in cold water as the final step so yardage is approximate.  We also offer raw fleece, dryer balls, Cormo lamb rugs & roving.

Our yarn is also in local yarn shops. You can also see me at fiber festivals in Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin and South Dakota. I am a the Producer Outreach Coordinator for the Three Rivers Fibershed, a member of Minnesota Grown, and the Sustainable Sheep and Fiber Community of Northern Minnesota. 

P – Roving, mill spun yarn, rugs, dryer balls & finished wool goods from the farm.  
D -- Alethea Kenney, author, herbalist, traditional naturopath & fiber artist – drop spindle spinning Sat 11 am; nalbinding Sat 4pm; ongoing spinning both days. 
P – Yarns, soaps, herbal salves, and Kenney’s book, “An ounce of Prevention: Raising and Feeding Animals Naturally,” available for purchase.

                          Win a felted hat, fingerless mittens or farm gift certificate! 

Site 2: Clear Spring Farm

The North Star Farm Tour is a self-guided tour of ten Twin Cities-regional fiber farms, connecting people to farmers who produce local, natural fibers. 

The 2018 Tour takes place Saturday, September 29, and Sunday, September 30, from 10 am to 5 pm. Please contact individual farms if you have questions about their sites or products available, or visit the North Star Farm Tour facebook page for updates and additional tour information.


September 29 & 30, 2018

10 am - 5 pm